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Ski instructor

A little bit about Yohan 

Yohan is originally from Quebec, in Canada, and spent a season working at a ski resort back home prior to coming to New Zealand.

What are your responsibilities at Snow Farm NZ? 'Ooh, I have many responsibilities. I'm like a 'Jack of all trades', I guess. I do a little bit of everything. Ski instruction, rentals, guided snowshoe tours, tubing (pushing the tubes down the hill, I'm good at that). I also cover Caleb's days off for the snowmobile maintenance and hut runs.'

What are your reasons for becoming a ski instructor? 'I love being with people. I love talking people and helping them out. I love seeing happy people. Yep, that's why I'm here.'

What are your dreams and life career goals? 'That is a good question, I like that. I wish to be even more versatile and do even more sport. So I don't know for my life, but for this season, I'd really love to improve my skating so I can better teach people how to skate and, be myself, a good skater.'

Summer or winter? 'Winter. I just love the cold. I love cold temperatures. I think it's best for everything -- walking, sleeping -- I always feel good in the cold. If it's too hot, I'm just like, I just sit down. But if it's cold, it's all good, I can go forever.'

If you were a ski slope, what would you be called and why? "I'd be called Big Why. Because that's what you say at the top of a slope, you're like 'why am I here, what is this, what's going on?'. And I think it'd be a hard slope. Like 'why am I here, okay, let's just go for it."

Preferred cold weather drink and snack: 'Hot chocolate, for sure. I freaking love hot chocolate. And favourite snack? A poutine. A hot chocolate and poutine, and you're good for a whole day of skiing, that's for sure. An everything hot chocolate.'