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General Manager

A little bit about Sam

With a passion for snow sports and technology, local Kiwi Sam is a real people person and has acquired a unique set of skills through growing up on a merino sheep farm and within the ski industry.

What are your company goals and dreams for Snow Farm NZ? 'I want to see more backcountry huts for the local community to come up and utilise in the winter. I want local kids to grow up with sweet weekend childhood memories of being up at Snow Farm NZ.'

What do you do in the summer? 'I work up here, managing the hiking and mountain biking. But I do have more downtime, so spend days camping and in my caravan, just generally exploring more of my own backyard.'

Why Wanaka? 'It's the greatest town in the world. I've visited spots all over the world and found bits of Wanaka in all sorts of places, but never the whole picture. It has got such great balance between winter and summer.'

Winter or summer? 'Summer because I don't work as much. But I do enjoy winter.'

If you were a ski slope, what would you be called and why? 'Roller-coaster I think. Purely because of the transition from winter to summer, and the weather conditions, it feels like a roller-coaster from day to day.'

What is your favourite trail at Snow Farm NZ? 'Sam's trail, of course. Just kidding. Definitely, the Kirdleburn. It's a fun trail to come down, it's fast, it has got corners, it might have a creek running through it, it might not, you don't know what you're going to get.'

Favourite ski-bum phrase: 'A bird doesn't fly on one wing.'

Preferred cold weather drink and snack: 'It has to be a hot pie. Steak and cheese pie. And to drink? It's got to be a beer, a cold beer'.