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Ski instructor

A little bit about Lucy

Raised in Canada and passionate about sport, CANS Level-2 qualified instructor Lucy has already worked seven seasons in the ski industry and believes herself to be a mountain human through and through.

Summer or winter? 'Winter for sure, for skiing purposes. Also, I don't tan well (see picture).'

Favourite ski-bum slang: 'Gnarly, I love gnarly. Or when it snows a lot, people say it's puking.'

Preferred cold weather snack and drink: 'Warm apple cider (not cold, gross). What would I like to eat? Probably, like, a cookie. I love cookies.'

What is your best ski-related memory? 'I used to work at a place where we did a whisky ski down. Where we'd ski down and drink whisky, which was nice.'

Where can we find you on your days off? 'Up another hill. Or making cookies actually, more likely.'

What do you like to teach? 'I like teaching teenagers to skate. School groups. It's fast and we play games, sliding around, it's awesome.'

Where to next? 'Red Mountain Resort is the plan -- that's Rossland, British Columbia.'