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Ski instructor

A little bit about Herb

At aged 40, Herb decided to take a break from his career as a psychologist to ski and is still going. He now has over 35 years experience working as a cross-country ski instructor and has taught previously at Tahoe Donner Cross Country Ski Center in California, plus ran environmental organisation Sierra Club's ski program.

If you were a ski slope, what would you be called and why? ‘I would be called Twisted Clyster. Have you heard of the band Twisted Sisters? Yeah, so I’d be called Twisted Clyster. Hehehe.’

Favourite ski-related saying: 'You can't think and ski. Just gotta do it.'

Cold weather drink of choice: 'It has got to be coffee.'

What is your best ski-related memory? 'Teaching a surfer to ski. Because he learned everything in an hour.'

Where can we find you on your days off? 'Visiting national parks and forests.'