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Dogs at Snow Farm NZ

At Snow Farm NZ we welcome skiers and snowshoers who wish to take their dogs out into the alpine environment provided at Snow Farm NZ. To ensure a safe and enjoyable experience for everyone who comes to the Snow Farm we require all dogs to be vetted and provided with a seasons pass. We have opened up Merino Glen and Highlander this winter in the main basin that will be allowed to have dogs on them between the hours of 9:00 am and 10:30 am.

All owners must carry doggie bags for the removal of any deposits from your dog and please take time to tidy up any discolourations created by said deposits. You may only have your dog off leash on Hanging Valley, 2006 and the Gorge Trail. Dog Sled Teams may only run on the Dog Trail and each dog in the team requires a seasons pass.

Should your dog disturb or disrupt another customers experience you risk losing your dogs seasons pass.

Multiple dogs with one handler will be allowed for the purposes of Skijoring and Sled Dogging, only on the dog trail. Access to the trails will be via the south end of the lodge but you must still scan your season’s pass or have a valid day pass.



• All dogs must be on a leash near the facility and in parking lots.
• Leashes/tethers cannot exceed 4 feet.
• Dogs may not be tethered or left unattended on/near the facility.
• Dogs are allowed inside the Snow Farm Reception and rentals area, please do not loiter with your dog in these areas. Dogs are not permitted in the Snow Farm Lodge Reception, Cafe or Restaurant with the exception of exempted service dogs or by prior arrangement with the Snow Farm Lodge management.
• Owners must clean up after their dog immediately and at all times carry a doggy bag.
• Dog owners must report any incidents to Snow Farm NZ Ltd staff immediately.



  1. Owner/handler to dog ratio may not exceed 1:1 unless tethered to a sled for the purposes of sled dogging or Skijorers may have more than one dog only by the express permission of management.
  2. Handlers must have a season pass or day ticket to access trails in addition to the dog seasons pass.
  3. Dogs must be on leash in the carpark and when entering the lodge to be taken through to the trails.
  4. Dogs are only allowed on designated trails and at designated times (see below).
  5. Dogs must be ON LEASH around the base facilities and on the following trails: Dog Trail, Merino Glenn and Highlander;
  6. Dogs may be OFF LEASH and under voice control and within sight of handler while on Hanging Valley, 2006 and Gorge Trail.
  7. Dog owners must clean up after dogs immediatley.
  8. Dog owners must report any incidents to Snow Farm NZ Ltd staff immediately.
  9. Dog owners must produce evidence of a doggy bag if requested by a member of the Snow Farm NZ staff.
  10. Sled dog teams must have a valid pass for each dog.
  11. Only Dog Sled Team may access the trails via the south gate.


  1. The dog displays or is perceived to display aggressive or dangerous personality.
  2. The dog bites and/or nips a person, dog, or cause property damage, and/or is directly or indirectly involved in an incident.
  3. The owner cannot demonstrate voice control when asked by Snow Farm NZ Ltd staff.
  4. We offer 12.9km of trails for you to enjoy with your dog: Hanging Valley 7.1km; Dog Loop 1.7km; Gorge Trail 3.1km; 2006 1km.
  5. On weekdays between 9:00 am and 10:30 am dogs are permitted on Highlander 1.9km and Merino Glen 4km.
  6. River Run will be open all season long but the dog is not allowed inside the Meadow Hut at any time.
  7. Dog sled teams are only permitted to run on the Dog Loop.
  8. Check the daily trail grooming report for updates on trails opening and closures.


I am aware that during the course of my visit at Snow Farm NZ Cross Country Ski Area that certain inherent risks are involved because I am attending with my dog. In consideration for being allowed to visit the Snow Farm NZ Cross Country Ski Area with my dog, I agree to assume FULL AND TOTAL liability for any and all damages including, but not limited to, injury to a person, property, or other dog that are alleged to have been casual in total, or in part by the direct or indirect activities of my dog, myself, and/or other persons at the Snow Farm NZ Cross Country Ski Area with my dog.

I agree to HOLD HARMLESS and INDEMNIFY from any cause of action, that directly or indirectly involves my dog, Snow Farm NZ Ltd, and all officers, agents, employees, and other individuals acting in an official or advisory capacity. I agree to pay for association costs, attorney fees and court costs incurred by the above-mentioned parties to defend any actions. I hereby certify to the following facts:

  1. I am the owner of the dog visiting the Snow Farm NZ Cross Country Ski Area and facilities;
  2. I will be in control of my dog at all times while at Snow Farm NZ Cross Country Ski Area and facilities;
  3. All of the information contained in this contained in this 2018 Snow Farm Dog Pass Application and Release and Waiver of Liability is accurate;
  4. My dog has not been deemed a dangerous or potentially dangerous animal at any time in the past;
  5. My dog has never caused a problem in a crowded public environment such as the Snow Farm NZ Cross Country Area and facilities;
  6. If my dog should bite a person, bite another dog, cause property damage, and/or be directly or indirectly involved in an incident I agree to the following:
  7. Report the incident immediately to a Snow Farm NZ Ltd staff member; and,
  8. Keep my dog available until I have received instructions from the Snow Farm NZ Ltd staff and/or local authorities regarding the required procedures.