Backcountry Huts

Snow Farm NZ has two backcountry hut options, the Meadow and the Bob Lee hut. Both huts feature gas cookers, firewood and log burners, cutlery and everything you need to have a great night out on the Pisa Range. Just bring your food and drinks  and fun attitude and you will have a great time. See below for more specific details on each hut.

Meadow Hut

Great for families and large groups

By far the most popular hut on the Snow Farm, the Meadow hut is nestled against the start of the roaring meg river and can sleep up to 20 people. Not even a decade old, the hut has solar lighting, is well insulated and is ideal for large and small groups. It is also only a short ski or walk from the main base area.

Bob Lee Hut

For the more adventurous

Set atop the northern end of the Snow Farm, the Bob Lee hut is a fantastic place to spend a night or more. Situated on top of a ridge with views down across the Pisa range and out to the Southern Alps, the view will literally take your breath away. The main hut is able to sleep 7 people and the annex hut (seperate hut with no heating) is able to sleep an extra 8 people. When you book by the bed make sure you check to see if you re booking in the Main Hut or the Annex Hut.

Exclusive Hut Bookings

If you wish to book the Meadow Hut exclusively for your group, you can do this using the online booking system. You will need to book out all 20 beds at Meadow Hut and a discount will be applied to your booking. The standard adult price for Meadow Hut is $35/person/night or $500/night to book the entire hut. If there are already guests booked into the Meadow Hut you will not be able to book the hut exclusively and you should try for another date.

The Bob Lee is able to be booked exclusively but cannot be done online. Please contact us using our contact form to make a request to exclusively book the Bob Lee Hut. The cost to book out both the main and annex huts at Bob Lee is $350/night.

Hut FAQ's

Can I book the hut exclusively or do I always have to share?

When you book, you can either book individual beds for your group or contact us using the contact form below to enquire about availability.