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Backcountry Huts

Snow Farm NZ has two backcountry hut options, Meadow Hut and the Bob Lee Hut. Both huts feature gas cookers, firewood and a log burner, limited water, cutlery, plates, pots & pans, etc., and everything you need to have a great night out on the Pisa Range. Just bring your food and water/drinks and fun attitude and you will have a great time. Just in case you haven’t been to a backcountry hut – no mains electricity, no running water, long-drop outside toilet. See below for more specific details on each hut.

The Bob Lee Hut has two huts: the Bob Lee Main Hut (with log burner and gas cooker) and Bob Lee Annex (no log burner & no cooker), we recommend booking the Bob Lee Main Hut before booking the Annex.

Hut FAQ's

Can I book the hut exclusively or do I always have to share?

When you book, you have the choice to book the whole hut for your group’s exclusive use or to book individual bunks for your group.

Log burners in Meadow Hut and Bob Lee Hut kindly provided by Yunca