Cross Country Skiing

Cross Country Skiing

Cross country or Nordic skiing is a great sport for all ages. Its a fantastic way to experience the stunning New Zealand Alpine environment as you climb, descend and traverse the gentle rolling hills and peaceful valleys of the Pisa range.  A truly social sport our wide groomed trails provide and easily accessible beginner terrain provide the perfect opportunity to try the sport for the first time or to develop your skills with the help our our highly experienced instructors.  Whether you want an easy stroll through the stunning mountain scenery or one of the best workouts around, cross country skiing has something to offer you.

Classical Style

Classical skiing is the original ski sport being developed in Norway during the 1700’s.  Two inverted grooves are pressed into our piste using a specialist cross country grooming machine.  These grooves help to keep your, cambered, skis in a straight line.  A ‘fish scale’ pattern or ‘kick wax’ is located underneath each ski.  A motion similar to walking or running is used to compress the fish scales or kick wax into the snow, propelling you forwards even on flat and uphill terrain.

Classic skiing is the ideal way to begin as the motion is very similar to walking is easy to pickup with no previous ski experience.

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Skate Skiing

Skate skiing is a more modern version of the sport only being developed in the last 40 years.  A motion similar to speed skating is utilized to create forward movement.  Poles are used for added speed.  Skate skiing is certainly more difficult to pick up and generally requires a higher level fitness than traditional classical skiing.  However once you have mastered the technique it is generally faster than classic skiing allowing you to cover more ground and enjoy a fantastic full body workout at the same time.

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Backcountry, Off Trail Skiing

Groomed trails are only one aspect of the sport.  Many cross country skiers take advantage of classic skis to break trail, accessing areas out of limits to your typical skier.  Cross country skiers typically avoid having to use skins and heavy equipment commonly used by ski tourers.  This enables them to move quickly across gentle terrain.  The gentle rolling hills of the Pisa range is ideal for this form of skiing and our facility acts as the entrance to the stunning Pisa Alpine Conservation Area run by the Department of Conservation.  Our rental department has a stock of lightweight backcountry skis with steel edges ideal for accessing this spectacular terrain.