Secondary Schools

Secondary Schools

The Snow Farm is proud to offer a wide series of programmes enjoyed by secondary schools throughout New Zealand and overseas. Our programmes range from a one-day experience to introduce students to the alpine environment to specific multi-day programmes which target NCEA/NZQA assessments as part of the New Zealand curriculum.

Experience DaysNCEA/NZQA Skiing assessmentsNCEA/NZQA Risk assessment standards

Perfect for years 9 and 10 or students who haven’t had a chance to experience the snow and alpine environment our facility offers a quieter, more intimate experience than the hustle and bustle normally associated with ski areas. This provides a relaxing environment for teachers as well as students who can get a good grasp on skiing skills and maximise their enjoyment of the great outdoors.

We offer a variety of activities and experiential learning opportunities to keep your students occupied including:

  • Cross Country Skiing
  • Snowshoeing
  • Tobogganing/Tubing
  • Snow caving.

This means that an experience day up at the Snow Farm is exactly that, a learning experience rather than a standard ski trip!

Our accommodation options offer students an opportunity to stay overnight in one of our backcountry huts or the fully serviced Snow Farm Lodge. Extending your trip into an overnight experience leaves students with a unique and unforgettable trip unmatched anywhere in New Zealand.



9:00am Arrive at Snow Farm, unpack gear and set up in lunch room
9:30am Fit students with rental ski equipment
10:00am Divide into 4 activity groups to begin rotation

Group 1

Ski Lesson

Group 2

Ski Lesson

Group 3


Group 4


11:00am Snow Shoeing Snow Shoeing Ski Lesson Ski Lesson
12:15pm Lunch: at café or self catered
1:00pm Tubing Snow-caving

Ski Tour


Ski Tour
2:30pm Snow-caving Tubing
3:00pm Ski Tour Ski Tour Tubing Snow-caving
3:30pm Snow-caving Tubing
4:00pm Depart Snow Farm

Cost: Contact us today about our school rates

The Snow Farm has a great record of assisting students to achieve success in a variety of skiing and risk assessment standards as part of the New Zealand Physical Education and Outdoor Education curriculums. The fact that multiple achievement/unit standards can be achieved with one 3-4 day camp at the Snow Farm is a huge asset and a major draw card for schools using our facility.

PE 2.4 91330: Perform a physical activity in an applied setting (4 credits)
PE 3.4 90501 Perform a physical activity to nationally developed performance standards (4 credits)
US21744 Experience Nordic Skiing (Classical technique)
US21745 Experience Nordic Skiing (Skate/Freestyle technique)


The Snow Farm provides a safe and easily accessible environment far carrying out experimental learning around risk assessment in an alpine environment. The following risk assessment achievement standards are generally carried out over one day, incorporating activities such as cross country skiing, snowshoeing and snow caving. In addition they are easily combined with the practical skiing standards during an extended stay at the Snow Farm. Snow Farm management are more than happy to complement your teaching of these standards via presentations surrounding how Snow Farm manages risk among the varied user groups at the facility, and the formal documentation process that is required.

PE 1.7 90962: Demonstrate and show understanding of responsible behaviour for safety during outdoor education activities (3 credits)
PE 2.7 91333: Analyze the application of risk management strategies to a challenging outdoor activity (3 credits)
US438: Participate in building, and camping overnight in, a Snow Shelter
PE 3.7 91503: Analyse issues in safety management for outdoor activity to devise safety management strategies (3 credits)

All of our schools programmes are highly flexible and we tailor each one to your school/class needs. Please contact us today to see how we can provide you with a quality experience.

Teachers and carers who are actively involved in assisting school groups are not charged for trail passes or gear hire.