About XC Skiing.

How easy is cross country skiing?
What should I wear?
How fit do I need to be?
I have never skied before, can I cross country ski?
Will I be able to ski to the hut after my first day on skis?
I have a dodgy hip/knee/ankle/.... can I still ski?
Can I bring my dog?
Do I have to master classic skiing before I try skating?
I have heard that downhills are impossible on cross country skis. Is this true?
I want to go alpine touring, can I use your back country skis?

About Snowshoeing

I have never been on snowshoes before will I need a lesson?
I don't have my hiking boots with me, can I hire some?
I want to snowshoe to the hut or outside of the snowshoe trails. Is this allowed?

About the Snow Fun Zone

Is there an age limit on the Snow Fun Zone?
Can I bring my own sled or toboggan?
We don't have any ski clothing so can we rent some?
Do you have professional photographers to take our photos?

About the Snow Farm

How do I get there?
When do you open for the season and when do you close?
Why are you called the Snow Farm?
How long have you been open?
What's with all of the fences?
Can I leave my car at the car park when I spend a night at one of the huts?

About Dog-Sledding

What's the story about dog-sledding?

About Ski touring across the Snow Farm land to the Pisa Conservation Area

Can we ski tour across the Snow Farm land to get to the Pisa Conservation Area?